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The frontcourt was doing nothing, and the defense made mistakes. The Spaniard had a nightmare night. Osasuna won the crucial six-point relegation battle in a very Basque way. In this campaign, Abelardo's substitutions in the mid-game changed the trend of the campaign. Wu Lei's departure not only caused the door to his right defense zone to open, but also caused the Spaniard to lose the most threatening point of the attack. When it is necessary to control the game with the ball and offense, the Spaniard does not seem to have much choice. The low efficiency of the striker leads to a sharp increase in pressure on the defense line. Loss is inevitable. Diego Lopez's red card is the team's way to relegation There was a shadow.

前场什么也没做,而防守犯了错误。西班牙人做了一个噩梦之夜。奥萨苏纳(Osasuna)以非常巴斯克的方式赢得了至关重要的六分保级大战。在这场战役中,阿贝拉多在比赛中期的换人改变了战役的趋势。吴磊的离开不仅使他右防区的门打开,而且使西班牙人失去了进攻的最大威胁。当需要用球和进攻来控制比赛时,西班牙人似乎没有太多选择。前锋的低效率导致防守线上的​​压力急剧增加。损失是不可避免的。迭戈·洛佩兹(Diego Lopez)的红牌是球队降级的方式。那里是一个阴影。

Taking advantage of De Thomas's absence to return to the starting lineup, he can still retain the main position after the return of the striker's top card. Wu Lei has used his performance to conquer Abelardo. To be able to find some ground in the tactical system of different head coaches with different digital styles, Wu Lei relies on excellent off-the-ball ability and the "sides and middles" attributes, both of which are scarce resources in the Spaniard team. The straight down side B2B role happens to play his advantage.


It can be seen from the recent games that De Thomas & Calleri are suitable for playing against the mid-lower team on the home scene, and when facing strong opponents or away games, the Spaniards need to give priority to defense, 4411/451 system Can bring a better sense of balance. Abelardo has tested the full-back combination of Embalba & Dadell, but the effect is not ideal. The advantage of Wu Lei being a right-forward is that he can take into account the "two ends" and can meet Abelardo's requirements for efficiency. Osasuna’s style is similar to Getafe and Atletico Madrid. Abelardo’s team is not afraid of head-to-head with their opponents. Wu Lei’s speed and coverage have room to play.

从最近的比赛中可以看出,德·托马斯和卡列里适合在本国对阵中低层球队,并且当面对强大的对手或客场比赛时,西班牙人需要优先考虑防守,即4411/451系统可以带来更好的平衡感。 Abelardo已经测试了Embalba和Dadell的后卫组合,但效果并不理想。吴磊的前瞻性优势是他可以考虑“两个目标”,并且可以满足Abelardo对效率的要求。奥萨苏纳(Osasuna)的风格类似于赫塔菲(Getafe)和马德里竞技(Atletico Madrid)。阿贝拉多(Abelardo)的团队不惧怕与对手并肩作战。吴磊的速度和覆盖范围都有发挥的空间。

Osasuna’s performance was very positive after the opening. They moved the center of the formation to the arc of the center circle. The two full-backs moved forward and the double forwards formed the first line of defense to implement high-position pressure. The full-backs moved forward accordingly. Field, take the initiative to pressure the Spaniard's backcourt. In the first round of the match between the two sides, the combination of Avila and Adrian's striker caused the Spaniards to suffer. In this battle, both forwards were missed due to injuries. Osasuna tried to rely on left back Estupi in the opening stage. Nian drives the offense. After being thrown away by Wu Lei repeatedly using speed, Estupinian reduced the assist range, and the Spaniard's offensive began to revolve around center Gallego. Because Osasuna’s offensive launch location is relatively backward, and Gaiago’s range of activities is relatively large, it is difficult for the Spaniards to contain the opponent’s long pass offense.


After completing the interception, the Spaniard tried to attack from the wing. Embalba on the left was able to advance with the ball, and Wu Lei on the right retreated and then made a forward attack without the ball. Dadell is active in the area close to the left, not only must participate in the strong side ground coordination, but also pay attention to using the collision to contact the players on the right. Recently, Harvey Lopez has gradually formed a tacit understanding with Wu Lei in front of him. The two players can form a good rotation on defense, and the pass-and-run connection on offense is also very threatening.

在完成拦截之后,西班牙人试图从机翼进攻。左侧的恩巴尔(Embalba)能够将球向前推进,而右侧的吴雷(Wu Lei)后退,然后在没有球的情况下进行前攻。达德尔活跃于左侧区域,不仅必须参加强大的地面协调工作,而且还应注意利用碰撞与右侧的球员取得联系。最近,哈维·洛佩兹(Harvey Lopez)逐渐在吴磊面前形成了默契。两名球员可以在防守端形成很好的亚愽app网页版轮换阵容,进攻端的传球和传球联系也非常危险。

The Spaniards in the Machin era mainly played the 352 system. They suffered a lot when facing a team using the 442 system. The inferior number of wingers made the team's formation difficult to expand quickly. The gathering of technical players not only failed to play the pass, but weakened it. Defense. After taking office, Abelardo built a team around new aids Cabrera and De Thomas, bypassing the midfield and playing two penalty areas. The positions of the two central midfielders are relatively fixed. The two sides are responsible for creating a numerical advantage at both ends of the field. Avant-garde.

机械时代的西班牙人主要玩352系统。当面对使用442系统的团队时,他们遭受了很多苦难。边锋数量少使球队的队伍难以迅速扩大。技术玩家的聚集不仅未能发挥传球的作用,而且削弱了传球的能力。防御。上任后,阿贝拉多(Abelardo)绕过新中锋卡布雷拉(Cabrera)和德托马斯(De Thomas)建立了一支球队,绕过中场并打了两个罚球区。两个中央中场的位置相对固定。双方负责在该领域的两端创造数字优势。前卫的。

In the game against Sevilla, he broke the scoring shortage and started the last five consecutive league games. Wu Lei's self-confidence has been significantly improved. In addition to daring to take the initiative to take the ball and launch an offense, Wu Lei's performance in the fight for half of the ball has also become more and more tough. In addition to his already excellent anti-grab and oppressive awareness, China No. 7 has become the main driving force for the Spanish overall One of the driving forces.


Embalba did nothing in the face of the Basque's tough defense. The two central midfielders were exhausted under the impact of their opponents. The Spaniard was able to organize some offensives in the middle of the first half. Wu Lei's off-ball impact played a vital role. . It is worth mentioning that Osasuna’s left-back Estupinian has good physical fitness and lacks a sense of defensive position and awareness. He can't cope with Wu Lei's off-ball impact, but he is not afraid of Embalba. Players who are generally physically fit and who like to hold the ball, Abelardo’s substitution adjustments made in the midfield can be said to be right.

面对巴斯克人的强硬防御,恩巴巴什么也没做。两名中场中场在对手的冲击下筋疲力尽。西班牙人能够在上半场进行一些进攻。吴磊的场外影响发挥了至关重要的作用。 。值得一提的是,奥萨苏纳的左后卫Estupinian身体健康,缺乏防守意识和意识。他无法应付吴磊的场外冲击,但他并不害怕Embalba。一般来说,身体健康并且喜欢控球的球员可以说是Abelardo在中场进行的换人调整。

For two consecutive rounds of opponents who also used the 442 system, the Spaniards were able to stay the same in the confrontation. On the one hand, the 442 formation was able to form a good matchup. On the other hand, it was also due to the two strong supporters. The strength bonus brought. If it weren't for Abelardo's fainting, the Spaniard would have had a chance to grab points away. The lessons of consecutive losses to relegation opponents are very profound. The Spaniards have not many opportunities. Abelardo needs to regain the team’s successful experience in consecutive matches at Atletico, Barcelona and Sevilla, and grasp the 4411 switch 433 Key.


The 442 system created by Abelardo is based on the two wings, which can be switched to 532 and 433/424 in the defensive and offensive phases. This strategy based on defense and focusing on the “two ends” is very suitable for the need to “contend”. Three points" relegation war. Of course, this wedge-shaped offensive around the forwards is also very risky. It is difficult for the two full-backs to quickly complete the defensive position from the offensive to the defensive stage. The reason why Lei provided excess output on the right wing. Even if the combination of De Thomas & Calelli is still Abelardo's first choice, Wu Lei still has a chance to get the starting position. The coverage he brings on the right can maintain the balance of this fragile system.

由Abelardo创建的442系统基于两个机翼,可以在防御和进攻阶段分别切换到532和433/424。这种基于防御并着眼于“两个目标”的策略非常适合“竞争”的需要。 “三分”保级战争。当然,这种围绕前锋的楔形进攻也很冒险。两个后卫很难快速完成从进攻到防守阶段的防守位置。即使De Thomas和Calelli的组合仍然是Abelardo的首选,Wu Lei仍然有机会获得起跑位置,他带来的右路掩护可以维持这个脆弱系统的平衡。

Even though he only scored 45 minutes of playing time and failed to score goals or assists, Wu Lei continued the good form he had when he was a starter. His defense, interleaving and crosses are the highlights of the Spaniard's striker. Spanish media The score given after the game is biased. Since the summer window freed Ruby, Iglesias and Hermoso, the Spaniard's crisis has been brewing, and the team's current situation is not surprising. Faced with a lineup with many flaws, Gayego and Machin were helpless. Abelado relied on the tactical dividends brought by the new winter window to reap several victories, but unexpected injuries and accidental attrition disrupted The team's just formed rhythm, Wu Lei and others' efforts cannot change the team's downward trend, and the road to relegation is getting narrower and narrower. If you can't win the next match against Alaves, the Spaniard's final hope of relegation may be destroyed.

尽管他只打了45分钟的比赛时间,却没有进球或助攻,但吴磊仍然保持了他初学者时的良好状态。他的防守,交织和传中是西班牙前锋的亮点。西班牙媒体比赛后的得分有偏差。自从夏天的窗口释放了Ruby,Iglesias和Hermoso之后,西班牙人的危机一直在酝酿之中,车队的当前状况也就不足为奇了。面对众多缺陷,Gayego和Machin感到无奈。 Abelado依靠新冬季窗口带来的战术上的红利获得了几场胜利,但是意外的伤病和意外的减员打乱了球队的节奏,吴磊和其他人的努力无法改变球队的下降趋势,降级之路越来越多越来越窄。如果您不能亚愽app网页版赢得与阿拉维斯的下一场比赛,那么西班牙人降级的最终希望可能会被破坏。

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